What you make, is different than what you sell.

Research continually shows that people make decisions emotionally, then justify what they want with logic. So if logic is your first line of offense, you're missing a huge chunk of your audience.

Compared to other advertising agencies in Columbus, we believe whatever your product or service, what you put into it is not what your customer gets out of it. Features go in, and benefits come out. And benefits are felt on an emotional level.

And if your audiences can relate, they will respond. And we understand what it takes to motivate a prospect to respond.

See examples of emotion-based advertising here.

Why you have just seconds to get someone's attention.

Keep in mind, advertising interrupts your audience while they are doing something else (reading) for either business or pleasure. So make sure your ad isn't an annoyance, but something that's worth their while to read. Because their time (like yours) is one of the most valuable things they have.

However, the first step to getting your prospect's attention is to use a visual that's different and engaging. That's why we never use images of homes as the main visual for home builder ads. One reason is, because every other home builder does that, and the other is that insides (or exteriors) of homes aren't as compelling as people. 

Consider the fact that the more unusual you make your visual, the better the chances of it getting noticed as folks are flipping the pages of a publication. That's we the ads we create might be a little out of the ordinary.

To see examples of some of the ads we've done, click here.