building image used for infographic

Why you should care about making better infographics?

Better infographics better explain concepts and content. And professional infographics also show your organization is more professional. And they have been gaining in popularity, especially in social media posts. So having better infographics could mean your audience would have more confidence in the statistics you're citing.

Of course, there are all kinds of ways to create infographics, but we suggest staying away from pie charts and standard graphs like these.

Examples of bad infographics

We'd even suggest staying away from simplistic 3D pie charts like this one. That's because anyone with Microsoft Office, or even a basic graphics program, can make these types of charts.

example of a 3D piechart infographic

What types of infographics work better?

Well, ones that are much more visually interesting, like this one for that shows what elements make up green building systems.

really good infographics of green building engineering

Can infographics even help with your SEO?

How can an effective infographic help with your SEO? If it's dome well, it can be an effective link building method compared to other link building methods. A concise infographic can be more enticing to share than entire blogs or articles.

Google Trends has shown that infographics are an expanding area interest for users. And since we all have shorter attention span these days, people seem to be more interested in content with a visual component than a lengthy article.

Infographics can be an informative way to share information about your own company. As an example, we have this interactive graphic about what questions to ask when considering a web design company.

Better graphics can even help establish brand awareness because they can enhance your content and make your company look more skilled in your communications.

They can help with your inbound marketing.

Unique information presented usingĀ  compelling infographics can even help with your inbound marketing efforts if people link back to your articles with awesome infographics. Backlinks are important because they've been one of the original algorithms Google was built on, the theory being the more websites that link back to yours, the better information you must have on your website.

If you need help with better infographics, contact us today to see how we can help you communicate your information more effectively.