You judge. We judge. And prospects are judging you by your website

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You judge. We judge. And prospects are judging your 3 seconds.

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Everyone judges everything. You do. We do. And every time a prospect sees your website, they're judging you based on:

  • how professional it is,
  • how it helps them solve their issues,
  • how it makes their lives better, and
  • how it compares to your competitors' websites.

And if your website isn't more evolved than your competitors' websites, your prospect's first impression  could be their last impression.

Just how quickly do people judge your website? Believe it or not, in a matter of seconds.

The Laboratory for Information Technology Evaluation at Missouri S&T conducted a study to determine how quickly people judge websites. Turns out it's less than 3 seconds. That's actually a little less time than we thought. As a Columbus website design firm, we thought it was 5 seconds. (You know: "the 5-second rule" same as the food-on-the-floor rule.)

Remember the "There's only once chance to make a first impression." saying?

It's still true. You have a very short time to make an impression, and to make it stand out. By making your website better than your competitors' websites, yours will be more memorable and get your prospects to return.

The reason it's important to be memorable is people visit several websites, including your competitors', before making a decision. And often, when it comes to larger purchases, people come back to websites more than once.

How does your website compare to your competitor's sites? Will yours stand out in the minds of your prospects' when they're checking out 3 or 4 of your competitors' websites? Unless you have a website that shows your business is more evolved, and more professional, than your competitors you could be losing out on new business.

We can help your website look better than your competitors.

Before you select a Columbus website design firm, check out their website. If theirs:

  • doesn’t impress you,
  • looks like a template-built site,
  • uses bad stock photography,
  • and focuses more on them, than what they can do for your business, they're not marketing-focused..

It’s also a good bet the website they'd design for you  wouldn’t impress many of your  prospects.

What to look for in a website design firm.

To see a complete list of what to look for in a web design firm, check out this page.

We now have the attention span of a goldfish

Turns out the average attention span of someone visiting your website, is 8 seconds.

And can you guess what a goldfish's attention span is? Nine seconds. One more second than ours. And unfortunately, we’re not making this up. Check out a website called which studied our attention spans.

If your website works for your prospects, it works for you.

So if you want a website that gets the attention of your prospects, educates, engages and maybe even entertains, then lets talk.