Damn, CCH builds amazing homes

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Website for small custom home builder in Columbus Ohio

Category: Template Website

Industry: Home Builders

Client: Christopher Custom Homes
Project Description

Christopher Custom Homes is a boutique home builder in Columbus, and the homes they build are both major masterpieces like the home featured on their homepage, to smaller historic homes in the Short North.

When Christopher Custom Home started building a website, they initially went with someone who builds websites as a side business. But as you might imagine, those who aren't full-time professional website builders, like those who aren't full-time professional HOME builders, just don't get the job done. After months of frustration, Chris Bailey, from Christopher Custom Home found us, and immediately understood the difference between the two.

After learning about his areas of expertise, we were able to put together a SquareSpace template-based website that really reflected the quality of the homes he builds. While SquareSpace is an online web building tool, the process of a building a site like that is best done by professional web designers. Of course, non-professional web designs can build SquareSpace sites, but the process is never as easy as SquareSpace suggests.

In addition to having a marketing background, we bring our expertise building custom websites to every SquareSpace website we create. How does that help you? Well, we can hack the SquareSpace code a bit to make it their templates do things that other web designers can't. So you get the benefit of a cost-efficient website with a bit of custom coding to make the site be slightly more custom.

If you're thinking of building a SquareSpace or Wix website yourself, consider someone wanting to build their home who isn't a full-time professional home builder. While both a home and website can come crashing down on you, we know it's not really the same thing. But should you build a website yourself and something goes go wrong, figuring out how to fix it usually isn't a simple matter.

We hope you'll consider talking with us when it comes to designing and building a template-based, or custom, website when you're ready to take that step. Contact us today to learn more.