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Treplus e-newsletter

Category: E-Newsletter

Industry: Home Builders

Client: Treplus Communities
Project Description

See the live e-newsletter here.

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Treplus Communities is a group of 55+ residential communities in Central Ohio. See the Treplus Communities website here. Their apartments are condo-quality rentals for those who are considering downsizing from a larger home after the kids are gone.

Helping with e-newsletters.

We help them with their e-newsletter every month by coming up with the top story, whether it be something humorous like this Treplus newsletter issue, or something more serious like the one highlighted to the left.

Then for the other two stories (there's always three stories in each issue), we point the teaser copy and images to the most recent blogs on their website. This gets people who receive the monthly e-newsletter directly to their website, which is beneficial for both the folks getting the newsletter, as well as for Treplus' SEO.

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