Every kid deserves respect and the opportunity for a good education.

  • screen shot of the homepage of SVFC's website
SVFC is all about changing children's behavior for the better!

Category: Web Design

Industry: Non-Profits

Client: St. Vincent Family Services
Project Description

SVFC has a good track record of providing innovative behavioral health programs that get results. With a 93% success rate among preschoolers, and an 87% success rate for school-age kids, SVFC is about moving kids to less-restrictive environments, to give these kids the same kind of environment as other kids who thrive.

When we first met with the folks at SVFC, it was because their search for a Columbus web design firm led them to us after other, less-than-ideal experiences. Since we did their website back in 2010 (before the advent of responsive web design) we’ve worked with them on a variety of other projects, including the search engine optimization (SEO).

We admire the work they do, because they are among the fine folks who actually make this world a better place each and every day.