Kick ass websites, this one for a Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon.

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SSK: Los Angeles-based Cosmetic Surgeon

Category: Web Design

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: SSK Plastic Surgery
Project Description

Parallax: images move at different speeds as you scroll through the website.

Responsive: single website resizes itself based on whether it is benig viewed on desktop monitors to smart phones.

Cool (also, Crazy, Sexy): because as you might imagine, we love working on websites for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons. This site is for Dr. Sean Kelishadi, based in Orange County, Los Angeles.

Sure, the subject matter is interesting, but the images we get to use are fairly awesome, too. For the record, most of the images we use aren’t of their actual patients. There’s the issue of privacy, and the issue of not having very good photography of their patients after the work is done. (The surgeon’s office takes the before and after images, and the quality of the images leaves much to be desired).

So we use high-end stock photography for most of the website, and use their actual patients for the “before” and “after” photos ( without their names used, or faces shown, of course).

We’ve been told by the good doctors we work for, the websites we do are unlike any others they’ve seen, which is the ultimate compliment. That, even as Columbus web design firm, we do work as good as any other web designers anywhere else in the U.S.

We also help with their marketing, and SEO as well. If you like what you see here, reach out to us and we can help you be head and shoulders above the other plastic surgeon’s websites in your market.