Postcard Series for Midwest Fresh Produce

  • image of an ear of corn looking like it has a personality
  • a plum made to look like it has a personality
  • a bunch of scallions with little faces looking happy
Postcard Series for Midwest Fresh Produce

Category: Print

Industry: Restaurants

Client: Midwest Fresh Produce Distributors
Project Description

When we were approached by MidWest Fresh, they were at a loss for how to market to their customers; restaurants, caterers and country clubs.

They’d tried sending out letters about what they offer, but they never got much of a response.

So when we came in and suggested we create an original series, based on the awesome book “Playing with Food,” they signed on right away. And each one was based on a benefit MidWest offered their customers, so it was more than just pretty pictures.

When folks started getting them, and by the time they received the second postcard, they knew it was a series, and starting holding onto them. Some customers even started taping them to their office walls, so it was a well-received, and well-remembered