Capturing Attention for Outdoor Marketing

Our Specialty: Getting Your Audience's Attention in 5 Seconds

Category: Outdoor

Industry: Home Builders

Client: Cinco Metro Condos
Project Description

Outdoor advertising is an art that has to be appreciated in 5 seconds or less, because often that's all the time someone driving by at 35 MPH has to decipher your message.

It's a unique challenge we enjoy, though not unique to only outdoor. We feel the same way about any marketing: you only have 3 - 5 seconds to capture someone's attention. If you don't do it in that time, you've lost your chance.

Once again, we subscribe to the theory that showing a home on a billboard isn't the best idea.

For billboards, you need an image someone can visually decipher, when going 30 miles an hour, within 3 seconds. Plus, a really short headline.

This playful billboard addressed each of those requirements, so if you're seeking a Columbus marketing firm who knows what works for marketing, take a peek at us.