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E-newsletters are all part of our approach to Content Marketing, which is all about positioning ourselves as experts in our industry.

We do this not by not talking about ourselves (though we always highlight a recent project). We do that by sharing what’s new in the world of social media and marketing in the hopes that our e-newsletter is more educational than promotional.

We share short, interesting guerrilla marketing events like this one for Carlsberg Beer in a movie theater in Belgium, or infographics we create, like this one about search engine optimization, or news in social media successes. We could add dozens of cool links here from the e-newsletters we send out, but maybe you can just be on our email list! Send us an email letting us know if you'd like to recevie our monthly newsletters.

They just might give you good ideas you can use for your marketing!

We’re a Columbus web design firm that believe in Content Marketing, paying attention to The Gospel of Google for SEO, and helping you with Search Engine Marketing to get your tentacles out into the internet to bring people back to your website. So if you're looking for the types of design firms Columbus Ohio has to offer, look to us.