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Remember: email marketing interrupts people

Like advertising, email marketing interrupts your audience when they’re checking their email either for enjoyment or work, so you have to make it worth their while to stop and look at it.

Not only will boring emails not get looked at, but you can bet your audience probably won’t open future emails thinking they’ll be just as boring as the first one.

Email’s rules are the exact opposite of direct mail rules

With direct mail, you can assume someone wants to receive it unless they opt out.

With email, you have to assume they don’t want it unless they opt in. Ignoring that simple fact can get you blacklisted from reputable email services faster than you can say “Hey can they really do that to us?” (The answer is, of course, “yes!”)

We design the templates, so you can update them yourself

The email templates we build through Campaign Monitor are like mini-content manage-ment systems. If you can create the visuals, you can update the email template to send future emails out yourself.

Make sure your designer tests the design in all major email programs

A third of the time we invest on your e-newsletter is spent testing and refining the design to make sure it works for all major email programs. To see an example of what that test looks like, click here, then click the links running down the right side of the screen.

This is a critical step, and if your designer doesn’t do it, you’ll never know how most of your audience is seeing your e-newsletter.