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Nashville Regenerative e-newsletter

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Project Description

See the live e-newsletter here.

See one of Sevell + Sevell's e-newsletters here.

We've completed a website for Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics and have also designed and built an e-newsletter.  As you might imagine, it's critical that an e-newsletter look like the website it directs people towards. That may seem like an obvious thing, but not every company makes that connection.

Other considerations for an e-newsletter.

We also feel it's best not to have too much content in an e-newsletter, because you don't want it to appear to be overwhelming to read. The goal is to get people to your website so they can see more information, then move around your site.

When it comes to doing email blasts, one critical item to be aware of, is the rules for email is the opposite or the rules for direct mail:

  • With direct mail, you can assume someone wants to receive it until they opt.
  • With email, you have to assume they don't want it unless they opt-in.

Ignoring that simple rule  can easily get you blacklisted from reputable email services like Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor.

Why is that? Because if you send your email to people who didn't sign up for it, most likely they'll mark it as spam. And if just 1/2 a percent of the recipients mark your email as spam,it's entirely possible you'd be prevented from sending out e-newsletters from a reputable email service.

Email marketing has been so abused, the rules to be banned from email services is incredibly low. This industry standard has been set by the major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Apple, Outlook and many others.