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Mandy's Confident Kids

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Client: Mandy's Confident Kids
Project Description

Mandy's Confident Kids is a website for Mandy who holds a B.S. in Child and Adolescent Development and a Master of Education degree from DePaul University in Chicago. Before the COVID pandemic, she was a preschool teacher with over 15 years experience. Her  preschool classroom experience includes work as a teacher with Enchanted Care Learning Center and The Smoky Row Children's Center.

How Mandy's Confident Kids was born

Once school was virtual, she had to pivot to keep working, and Mandy's Confident Kids was born. The website gives an overview of what Mandy offers and testimonials to support her expertise.

Mandy can help  pre-school aged kids who aren't ready to attend a live preschool class environment. Also, parents who work from home and want their kids to experience preschool , don’t want to pay for daycare, but want their child to be exposed to a trained teacher as well.