What You Make, What You Sell: Not the Same Thing!

  • young golfer napping on greens designed by Columbus Ohio web design firm Sevell
How To Sell Homes on Golf Courses

Category: Advertising

Industry: Home Builders

Client: Duffy Homes: Ballantrae Golf Club ad
Project Description

You'll see in our award-winning ads, we focus on benefits, not features. For example, when Duffy Homes wanted to promote their homes on golf courses, we couldn't show a home on a golf course! That would be ridiculous!

Nor could we show the traditional golfer on the links. That would be way too boring. (We don't take these challenges lying down, y'know...)

So we came up with an image that would get attention (which was not a home), not show a golfer in the typical light (since typical is mundane), and have anĀ engaging headline. And when everything works together, maybe even entertain.

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