Grand Opening for Keswick condos in New Albany

  • direct marketing examples for Keswick condo mailer
How to quickly show condos that appear small from the outside, aren't.

Category: Direct Mail

Industry: Other

Client: Duffy Homes
Project Description

Duffy Homes built beautiful, high-end condomiums in New Albany.

Exterior of Keswick condo for direct marketing examples

The problem Duffy faced, was, from the outside, the condos looked small. Certainly for such a high asking price, it seemed that way to the prospective buyers.

Our challenge was to show these condos weren't small.

And in fact, at 3,000 square feet, were large for condominiums in downtown Market Street area of New Albany.

As you can see, here's how we went about it: have a message that directly addresses the prospect's concern, then the mailer folds out to extend the image of the condo to show they're larger than expected. This mailer to the left was one of three mailers using the same concept, the difference being, one highlighted the kitchen, one the outside porch, and this one, the living room.