Direct mail for Vancouver, BC company

  • Columbus marketing firms' image of T-rex vs person showing footprint for paint booth alternative
  • Columbus marketing company shows image of tank vs scooter showing upfront costs for paint booth alternative
  • Columbus marketing studio's pcard showing killer whale vs goldfish as maintenance costs for paint booth alternative
  • close up of killer whale and woman holding little fish bowl
How to get the attention of Ohio's auto repair shops

Category: Direct Mail

Industry: Other

Client: Island Clean Air, Vancouver, BC
Project Description

Getting your audience's attention in 3 seconds or less.

One of the critical ingredients of a successful direct marketing effort is making the visual so unique, so different than anything else the intended audience would receive, it'll gets their attention in the first few seconds.

We understand if you don't get your prospect's attention in those first 3 seconds, you probably won't get it at all. Because we know how everyone goes through their mail pile: they flip through it with as much attention as they give a magazine they don't particularly like. And they, like you, go by their initial inclination, and throw away what appears to be boring junk mail.

So in addition to the visuals we created being very different, they're also relevant to the benefits of Island Clean Air's product. Even if 99% of the audience is male, there still has to be a reason to use a photo of an attractive woman. By comparing an attractive woman with something that appears totally unrelated to her, is what makes someone take a second look.

If you get someone to do that, you'll have captured their attention long enough to get them to read your message. And finally, the message has to be deciphered in 3 more seconds, telling them NOT what is so awesome about your product, but what's in it for them. Tell them what you offer that makes their lives better. Or that makes them money.

Do that, and you'll get their attention.

As both a Columbus marketing, and Columbus Ohio web design firm, we know what it takes to get a prospect to respond. And it's a talent we find that is continually in demand.

Let's talk and see how we can help get your audience's attention in 3 seconds or less.