Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools

  • OAPCS homepage by Columbus website design form Sevell
Helping educate the public and legislators about public charter schools

Category: Web Design

Industry: Non-Profits

Client: Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools
Project Description

There's a lot of controversy surrounding public charter schools. There's also a lot of controversy surrounding public schools. Through our observations and work with with OAPCS, it appears to be really tough to educate kids.

And with Betsy DeVoss as the Education Secretary in 2017, it appears it will only get more controversial.

Of course, not all charter schools, nor public schools, are the same. Like everything in life, there's good and bad players. OAPCS worked educating legislators, parents and the public about the benefits of charter schools.

One of the focal points of the website is the "Find A School" database. In addition to listing all the charter schools in the State of Ohio in alphabetical order, you can search for a school by either:

  • Miles from your ZIP code
  • School type (whether a traditional community school, online school, Dropout Recovery School or Special Ed), or
  • Grade Level

If you have a public, private, or charter school that you want to put in the bets light, and show off to the community, we can help you with the website and SEO.

Because the first impression of your school may just be your website. And if that doesn't show off your perspective and facilities well, there might not be a second chance to talk ot the parents.