Are these billboards awesome? It Depends.

  • shows racecar drivers need to pee when they drive
  • shows astronauts have to when in space
  • shows mountain climbers can't alwasy take time to pee
Four ways to show peeing in your pants can be acceptable.

Category: Outdoor

Industry: Other

Client: Depends Adult Diapers
Project Description

show that peeing in your pants is done by some of the coolest people around.Actually, it was to show that wearing adult diapers isn't the most embarrassing thing you could wear.

(We know, we've worn things that, evidently, were even more embarrassing! Who knew? Not us!)

Anyway, we came up with the concept for busboards that show athletes, Astronauts, outdoors people and even Santa sometimes don't have time to get to the john. And when they don't, they depend on Depends.