Series of videos for Food Rescue Columbus

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Food Rescue Columbus videos

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Industry: Non-Profits

Client: Food Rescue Columbus
Project Description

Since the summer of 2019 we've been volunteering with Food Rescue Columbus. Two to three days  a week we've been helping take food that would ordinarily be thrown away find its way to food pantries throughout Columbus.

Every day, a small but mighty band of intrepid souls have been picking up food from scores of restaurants, bakeries and catering halls all over town, and taking what would ordinarily be thrown away to grateful food pantries and community centers all around Columbus.

On Fridays, we also help unload a semi truck full of of boxed food (sometimes it's been two or three semis), and load hundreds of boxes of food in cars and UHauls to deliver to community centers and food pantries around Columbus

We've helped pull together a series of videos under the expertise of Susan Swinford, Emily Rials and expert videographer, Todd Yarrington, developing the theme "Food for Thought. Thought for Food" 

Crossroads World Outreach Ministries a ministry that seeks to lift men and women out of the darkness and in to his light.

OSU StarHouse  provides local youth experiencing homelessness with a safe respite & the crucial connections to stabilizing resources—all in one .

Friends of the Homeless who provides support to homeless men and women through emergency shelter, transitional and supportive housing.

Interview with a Food Rescuer

Farmers to Families Program

Food donations from Dublin Methodist Hospital

Food Rescue to Promise House, who leads the way in providing youth in our community access to the most basic needs – shelter, nourishment and access to healthcare.

If you have an interest in getting involved, you can email either Susan Swinford or Emily Rials.