Website for Diagnostic Radiologist and CAQ Neuroradiologist expert witness

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Expert Diagnostic Radiologist CAQ Neuroradiologist

Category: Web Design

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Dr. David Spirer Diagnostic Radiologist
Project Description

Dr. David Spirer is a Diagnostic Radiologist in Chicago who started an Expert Witness consultancy and asked us to create a website for him.

While he knew what he wanted the website to say, he had no idea what it should look, so he gave us complete control. (Not that every client doesn't give us complete control... that's why they hire us!)

His website, which you can see here, was built in Wix, which is a template-based online web building tool. Of course, we've done many template-based websites, which you can see here.

If you're looking for a low cost alternative to a custom website, we can help you with that.