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  • email explaining how all employees can be sales people
  • the danger of having mostly older shareholders
Educating Banks About Stock Values

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Project Description

We did a series of emails for CAMELS Consulting, which were about educating the Bank’s Presidents and CEO’s about shareholder’s and how they affect the bank’s business.

As with all our clients, they give us the basic idea of their message, and they leave it up to us to determine the best way to present it.

So in this case, the first email explained the importance of having everyone in the bank’s organization be a salesperson for the bank. The second email educated to the bank’s about that the dangers of having mostly older shareholders, and how it could affect the value of their stock.

Some might think email marketing to banks might be stuffy or boring. Not us: we love taking on new challenges in different industries. It gives us the chance to bring a new way of looking at things to the audience, and we’re very proud of the work we’ve done for Edward Schmidt of the CAMELS Consulting Group.

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