Dr. Dana Goldberg: Florida plastic surgeon

  • screen shot of Dr Dana Goldberg's homepage of her website
Dr. Dana Goldberg was our very first plastic surgeon client

Category: Web Design

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Project Description

Dr. Dana is one of the top female Board Certified cosmetic plastic surgeons in the country. And, way back in 2011, hers was the very first plastic surgeon website we'd done. Of course, the website you're seeing here has been redesigned in 2022. As you might imagine, 2011 was several lifetimes ago in both the web design, and plastic surgery, world.

One of the key elements of the homepage design was based on our review of their Google Analytics. We researched the most visited pages in her websites, then through a series of image-based rollovers, we placed links to those pages. The reason for that was to get people to what we knew were the most popular pages in her website. This one-click focus to get folks to where they want to be has always been a focus in the web design world. But we wonder how many web design firms actually focus on that feature?

When you talk with web design firms, ask them what they do (or have done) to make the visitors' experience better when designing the homepage.

Ryan Goldberg, her husband and business partner, is himself, an expert in SEO and Google Analytics, which has contributed immensely to Dana's marketing success. The knowledge level he possesses in that world, might equal the knowledge Dana has in the plastic surgery world. Together, they're a formidable team, and we're proud to be associated with them.

See Dr. Dana's website in its entirety here.