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Dr. Brett Osborn, Neurologist and Anti-Aging Specialist

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Project Description

Dr. Osborn, a Florida-based Neurosurgeon and Anti-Aging Specialist, has turned his extensive knowledge of neuro science into an industry that hepls people live better and is living proof that it is possible to reducing your biological age.

His philosophy makes sense: if your enot doing something every day to assure better health, when something does go wrong with your heath, you should ask "Why me?" It coudl happen to you if you;re not taking the proper steps to better living.

Of course, he readily admits you can't change your chronological age, but by following his expertise which entails utilizing leading-edge medical technology, Dr. Osborn is living proof that a 50-year-old person can have the biology of a 30-year-old.

He is a successful neurologist, and has written a book, Get Serious, detailing the insights into the process he went though to look like this:

Dr. Brett Osbon standing by wieghts without a shirt