Website for world traveller scuba diver

  • dive instructor home page by Columbus SEO firm Sevell.
Dive Instructor / Travelogue website

Category: Template Website

Industry: Other

Client: Sayde Sevell, PADI-certified Dive Instructor
Project Description

Not every dive instructor has their own website and travel photo album, but when you're part of a family of website designers, these things sort come together.

This website was also built with one of the SquareSpace templates, but it wouldn't be nearly as cool without good images. While these photos are all original images taken by Sayde, it's possible to make your website as visually dynamic using the right stock photography.

Why we use SquareSpace to build simpler websites.

SquareSpace is an on-line web building tool that's easy to use and update.

Check out some of their responsive templates here. As you would expect their templates provide the framework for a responsive website but the template has to be customized with your unique images, content, sections, and pages. And SEO can be part of the SquareSpace online, web-building tool.

While we design SquareSpace template sites, we also design and build and custom websites which you can see here.