Florida Plastic Surgeon's microsite for Injectables

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Cosmetic Face Fillers microsite

Category: Template Website

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Dr. Dana Goldberg, Florida Plastic Surgeon
Project Description

Dr. Dana Goldberg is a nationally-recognized plastic surgeon known not only for her exceptional work, but for her approach to marketing. And while we did design her main website, the Cosmetic Face Filler site is a microsite built using a template from SquareSpace.

Square Space is one of the top on-line web building tools with a variety of well-designed templates that are all responsive. Of course, their templates are just a framework for a website. They still need to be customized with content, image, sections, pages and SEO.

While template-based websites have limitations vs. custom sites, they're a great option for many clients and many reasons.

With an aggressive social media, AdWords, and website presence, Dr. Dana has grown her business dramatically over the past few years. Ryan Goldberg, the mastermind behind their businesses growth, had us build a series of microsites, each focusing on a different set of keywords.

This website for example, is built around the "Cosmetic Face Fillers" keyword, and variations on that phrase. The goal is, when people are searching for keywords relating to cosmetic face fillers and injectables, this microsite, having all those keywords well-represented, will rank high in a Google search.

For example, here are the average number of monthly  keyword searches for face fillers and injectables in Florida.

screen shot of search terms for injectables by Columbus SEO firm Sevell