A landing page for plastic surgeon websites specifically built just for Google Ads to link to

  • Body boutique website homepage from Sevell, a Columbus web design firm
Cool Sculpting landing page for Dr. Dana, Florida plastic surgeon

Category: Web Design

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Dr Dana Goldberg, Florida Plastic Surgeon
Project Description

While we've built many plastic surgeon websites, this is a landing page for a plastic surgeon, specifically just to be the page their Google Ads link to.

Why was it set up that way? Essentially:

  • If this page can't be found using the navigation on the main website,
  • Then the only way it can be accessed, is from links run in Google Ads, so
  • If anyone lands on this page (you can tell from Google's Analytics),¬† it's because of the Google Ads that were run.

That's one of the ways to track how well your Google Ads are doing. That, and of course, visiting the the dashboard of your Google Ads account.

We've done a few plastic surgeon websites, but this is slightly different.

For all the plastic surgeon websites we've done, which you can see in the medical section of our website here, the thing that makes this page different. That's because it's a single landing page, not a complete plastic surgeon website. It might become one of our many plastic surgeon websites down the road, but for now, it's sole intention is to track their Google Ads and social media backlinks.

The reason to run Google Ads is to get on page one from day one, because showing up in the organic results takes time. Often 4 - 6 months. Which is why running Google search and display ads is the way to get on the search results right away.

What's the difference  between "search ads" and "display ads"?

  • Search ads show up on Google's search results page, and are text only ads.
  • Display ads use images and show up on other websites you visit while cruising the internet.

You know when you go to a website and, say, look at shoes, but might not buy them? Then you know how an ad from that website seems to follow you around the web for the next month or two? (Or 6 months, which makes them really annoying.) Those display ads, with images, show up on different websites that sell ads.

You see that a lot on YouTube with advertisers running video ads before the music video you really want to see starts to play.

Below is the main website for Dr Dana, for whom we did the Cool Sculpting landing page.

homepage of one of the many plastic surgeon websites we've done