One has to at least HOLD a postcard before throwing it away...

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Bob Boyd Lincoln Mercury Service Department

Category: Direct Mail

Industry: Other

Client: Bob Boyd Lincoln Mercury Service Department
Project Description

This series of direct mail pieces done for a Lincoln Mercury dealer’s service department was aimed at getting the attention of their current Mercury and Lincoln owners. The goal was to get them to bring the cars they bought there, as well as any American car to their service department.

The auto mechanics were great sports, and through the six postcards, the Lincoln Mercury dealer got the response they wanted.

We understand that the recipient of a direct mail piece has to at least hold it in their hands for a few seconds if only to toss it in the trash.  But if, in those 2 seconds, there’s something there that catches their attention, they just might reconsider tossing it, and hold onto it. And if they reconsider it, and look at it for more than a few seconds and make it to their "keep" pile, it will have achieved it’s goal of getting noticed!