Outdoor for affordable low income housing

  • comparing good and bad life experiences
Being able to get something you didn't think you could.

Category: Outdoor

Industry: Non-Profits

Client: GreenLeaf Home Builders
Project Description

GeenLeaf Home Builders was renovating homes in lower income neighborhoods and wanted to make the case that folks who didn't think they could afford a nice home, could, with a GreenLeaf Home. 

Again, we don't think showing a home is necessarily the best way to sell a home. We thought we could show how something you thought was unattainable, could be accessible. We chose to make the comparison in the relationship area.

We compared an ideal home, to an ideal mate, which many folks might have thought they couldn't get. By showing "what you know" compared to "what you want," we thought we could make the home ownership comparison more relevant.

When it comes to billboards, it is imperative that you create a concept that can beunderstoof in less than 5 seconds since the person seeing it might be driving by at 30 mph. Plus, the image of a home isn't that eye- catching. However, beautiful people are. So that's how this concept came about.