Telling it like it is: smart women take no crap.

  • serious woman showing she is confident about herself
Appealing to the single, female decision-maker

Category: Advertising

Industry: Home Builders

Client: Portrait Homes
Project Description

This ad stirred up a little controversy from one or two readers of the Columbus Dispatch, where the ad ran. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the folks whose panties were in a bunch weren't the target audience. (Which they weren't.)

However, it also stirred interest from the fine folks at Westport Homes. And due to this particular ad, it opened the door for us to another, non-competing home builder in Columbus.

The approach, as you see, was to give credit where credit is due: to smart women who make the majority of buying decisions, even for new homes and condos.

This type of Columbus marketing has worked well for the home builders we've worked with. And we've worked for a bunch of non-competing builders in this market, and can bring the same style of thinking to your markets.