Advertising: Marketing to the decision-makers

  • woman holding paint chip over a man's eyes by Columbus Ohio marketing company
Always market to the decision-maker. Most often, it's women.

Category: Advertising

Industry: Home Builders

Client: Westport Homes
Project Description

It's a fact, women are the decision-makers in most relationships. They're more astute and think things through more than men. However, even when you're marketing to men, you use the same rules: focus on the emotional side of what you sell.

With any product or service, it's important to:

  • Appeal to the individual who influences the decisions, and
  • Appeal to the emotional/benefit side of what you offer.

That's because as humans, we make decisions emotionally, then justify whatever decision we make. That makes it seem as if we're making logical decisions.

If you don't think that's the case, how do you explain people buying Mercedes and Porches instead of Hondas? Or buying bigger homes than we might need, that appeal to our egos and instill envy in family and friends. Or designer handbags.  Or "designer dogs." Of course, all these things bring us joy, but they're also all rooted in emotional decision-making.

See how emotions influence what we buy, because emotions are a necessary element to almost all our decisions.

We specialize in focusing on the emotional side of what you offer, because that's how you get your prospect's attention. We even brought it to ads for adult diapers.

For more examples of our work, see our advertising section here.

As an example, see our home builder ads.

When it comes to home builder ads, you'll notice we never show a home as the main image. Why? For one thing that's what every other home builder does. Photos of homes do not provide an emotional benefit, and often, images of homes start to blend into each other. The just aren't as memorable as images of people along with headlines that appeal to our emotional intelligence.

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