For an audeince of 95% men, something to catch their attention

  • woman's sexy legs in heels againts nice woodwork in a home
Ad for National Door & Trim to homebuilders

Category: Advertising

Industry: Home Builders

Client: National Door & Trim
Project Description

When National Door & Trim had us do an ad for the home building industry, we knew that the overwhelming majority of their audience was men. So we thought the guys who make the buying decisions for what supplier to use for doors, trim, staircases, etc. might react better to an image of a woman, more so than just a set of stairs.

So we knew the approach we had to take: use an image to catch their attention, that might not be something made of wood.

As you’ll see, while we made an example of their work prominent, we still had the main visual be something that catches the eye on any red-blooded American male.

We’ve been doing marketing in Columbus Ohio for a long time, and in the home building industry specifically. So if you’re looking for a marketing firm in Columbus Ohio for your company, no matter where you’re located in the U.S., let’s start the conversation to see how we can get your audience’s attention 5 seconds or less.