Social media, like any marketing, requires constant attention... even more so than traditional marketing. Because that's what people expect.

We all just assume responses will be in minutes, not hours, and everyone expects to see regular updates. If you, or your staff, don't personally have the time to monitor your social media, that's where we can help.

See some examples of our social media successes.

When we work with you on your social media, we'll be monitoring your posts and help respond to your prospects. And while the process is relatively straight-forward, there's a lot of time and attention involved.

Having links from your social media pages to your website is fine, but when other folks' websites and social media pages link back to your site (or “Like,” “Share,” or recommend you), search engines give you extra bonus points and rank you higher in their results.

Why? Because that tells Google’s algorithms that others (not just you) like your content and your site is a source of good information. 

In 2016, Facebook made it much harder to grow audiences “organically.”

Creating compelling content that engages your audience is an important part of social networking. Posting to social media often, allows you to build a relationship with your potential customers, all the while earning the right to ask for the sale. This is especially important when it comes to high-ticket items when selling via social media, because your buyers may not necessarily be online for the sake of spending money. Quality content gets their attention, and keeps it.

Trends in social media has changed quite a bit over the last year. Compelling content makes it possible to engage your audience while advertising ensures that the audience continues to grow.

Facebook has made several changes to it’s algorithm in the last year, making it much harder to grow audiences “organically.” Whatever Facebook does, the other networks tend to slowly take their lead.

People are now more likely to watch a video than they are to read  copy.

With Facebook’s new monetization format, we all have to “pay-to-play” in the world of social media. Having a consistent advertising budget allows us to focus on multiple objectives, and of course, the bigger the budget the bigger the coverage. Strategic targeting really helps us to focus on the audience that’s most likely to buy, to cover:

  • Driving traffic to website       
  • Getting video views           
  • Increasing your followers
  • Promoting an event
  • Selling a product
  • Building brand awareness  

Media plays a very large role in social media success. The more that time goes by,
the less internet audiences care to read. Video creates opportunities to get your message across quickly and without the heavy expense of television ads or even YouTube. Video ads move quickly in social media.

It’s much easier to get the point across in a video, and consumers are more likely to watch a video than they are to read through copy. For this reason, the cost per video view tends to be cheaper than it is to run any other type of ad.

On social media, the cost-per-click is not determined by the competition, but by the performance of the ad. The better the ad performance the less the cost is per click. And since video ads move fast, their performance tends to be higher resulting in a pretty expensive, and successful campaign.

Content is still king

If you’ve not heard the concept or phrase “Content is King,” it’s important, because when Matt Cutts (the guy who heads Google’s Webspam team and Search Quality team) talks about it, everyone listens.

Getting your website on people’s radar through search engine optimization is one part of the equation. The other parts are keeping the social media and blogging efforts going on a consistent basis, and being serious about the quality of the content you put out there. There are no short cuts to this process. And there's no "automation" process that can make this happen efficiently either.

Showing up high in Google and other search engines, and getting prospects to your website, is intertwined with social media and getting intelligent content into the public conversation.

"Social media just isn't working for us."

We hear that often. But when we ask "What are you doing with your social media, and how often do you put content out there?" it becomes clear why their social media isn't working for them.

As with anything in life, love and business, there's a right way, and wrong way to do it.

One client recently told us that LinkedIn just isn't doing anything for them. So we asked if they were posting articles on discussion group sites their customers go to?

For example, we post something on Linkedin everyday! Twice a day. Plus, we post occasional articles on discussion groups for home builders and plastic surgeons. If you do that often enough, and become a regular contributor, those folks, who are scattered across the country, have a much better chance of seeing you as an expert in your industry.

Also, you can optimize your LinkedIn page for SEO purposes so people can find you more easily.

So there's more to it than you might think, and working together, we can help make social media work for you.

success story from SSK Plastic Surgery in Orange County, California.

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