What is it that gets you noticed?

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Many companies think if they haven't formally developed a brand yet, they don't have one.

But you do, whether you know it or not. It just probably not be the brand you're hoping it is.

Whatever you've been doing over the years, right or wrong, has contributed and solidified your brand in your customers' eyes. Now ask yourself: Do you know what that image is and, is it the image you want them to have?

When you work with us, we'll help you communicate your brand in a way that resonates in your prospects' hearts, minds and spirits.

Your logo isn't your brand.

Your brand is not just your logo, tag line or the "look and feel" of your ads and website. These are only the visual parts of your brand identity, and often are referred to incorrectly as "branding."

We know that a successful brand separates you from your competitors in a unique way that is relevant and motivating to your existing or prospective customers, giving your service value. With that in mind, we’d like to share our perspective on branding, so you know we can help you in this critical area.

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It’s your Promise

It’s the promise you make to your market that touches them in a way that stays with them. It should resonate within the hearts (feelings) and minds (intellect) of your customers and prospects. It can border on being poetic, as in some of our personal favorites:

  • Kashi’s GoLean Bars are more than just an energy bar, they’re “7 whole grains on a mission.”
  • Castrol Oil ain’t just any ordinary oil. They say: “It’s More Than Just Oil. It’s Liquid Engineering”
  • Sure, Lexus makes cars, but they–and by association, you–are seeking “The Pursuit of Perfection”

One of our old favorites was FannieMae, who doesn’t say they’re in the home loan business, they claim “We’re in the American Dream business.” (Well, maybe not any more.)

It’s what makes you Unique.

It’s what makes you unlike any other company. It’s the sum total of your product, company, competitive experiences and perceptions–some of which you can influence, some which you cannot. It’s a comfort for those who come in contact with your company, knowing that what you offer cannot easily and comprehensively be provided by anyone else.

It’s your Commitment.

Once the promise has been made, everyone in your enterprise must take it to heart by promoting the philosophy on a daily basis with everyone they encounter. Your commitment should permeate the mind set of all employees within the company, and be conveyed to everyone outside the company–so the marketplace knows it’s more than just words.

It’s Continuity.

Never let it stop. From the time your prospects first come in contact with you (in any number of ways) to the time they experience or promote your company or services to their professional peers or friends, continuity is key. And whether it’s a two months or two years from now, that continuity equals comfort in the minds of your audience.

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