Direct Mail Marketing

Whether you're doing direct mail, email or advertising, we believe in the 5-second rule...

No, not the "You can still eat food that falls on the floor" 5 seconds. We believe in the rule that if you don't get your prospects' attention in the first 5 seconds, you probably won't get it at all. (Actually, it's probably down to 2 seconds, now.)

Think how YOU go through your direct mail pile: You give things a quick glance, and if it doesn't catch your attention immediately, you toss it.

However, when direct mail is done well, you'll touch your customers on both an emotional and intellectual level. Because if they can relate, they will respond.

So when it comes to your direct mail or direct marketing services, think about what gets your attention. Then think of us to help with your print marketing.

See examples of our direct mail print work here.


Remember, your ad has just seconds to get your audience's attention.

Think how you look (or don't look) at ads. Advertising interrupts you while you're reading for business or pleasure. The ads that get your attention are the ones that aren't an annoyance, but ones that grab your attention with an interesting visual and/or headline. Something that makes the ad worth your while to read it, because your time (like your audience's) is one of the most valuable things you have.

The first step to getting someone's attention is using an engaging image that's different from what one would expect. Which is the reason why, for home builder ads, the main visual is never one of the homes (as much as the builders love their homes). Why? Two reasons:

  • first, because most every other home builder uses homes as their main image, and
  • interiors or exteriors of homes just aren't as compelling as people, or the benefits of a home. 

That's why we feel the more unusual the visual, the better the chances soneone will notice it as they're flipping through the pages of a newspaper or magazine.

See examples of  our advertising work here.