As a Columbus web design firm our specialty is getting your prospect's attention in 5 seconds or less.

Because we understand if you don't get it in that time, there's a good chance you might not ever get it.

The average attention span of a web user is 8 seconds. A goldfish's attention span is 9 seconds.

Studies show visitors to your website read about 25% of the words during an average visit. Don't believe it? Check out this article showing how short the average person's attention span is.

Some studies show that users determine the legitimacy of your company from your website in 2 seconds.

Columbus web development firm showing steam punk verison of websiteSo make your stuff interesting or you'll lose way more people than you retain.

Other interesting facts we've read are:

  • 329 million people reads blogs each month (yes, we try to read one each day, but they're talking averages!)
  • 27 million pieces of content (ie: blog posts, social media posts, etc.) are shared each day
  • 3/4th's of people prefer to get information through articles (which are, theoretically, unbiased) opposed to ads, and
  • 2/3rd's of people prefer companies that publish their own unique content

So keep it quick and keep it interesting if you want to keep people's attention.

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