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  • Website design Columbus Ohio firm shows illustration of a dog on a laptop

    Five tips to make make people really want to read your blogs.

    If you’re wondering what to blog about, here’s some tips. When we tell people we blog every week, and have been for over 6 years, they sometimes ask how we come up with all the topics to write about. This article helps you determine how to select content for your blogs. Here's how to figure out what to write about: Subscribe to blogs of folks who know more than you. If you're like us, you alre...

  • woman dressed as Mother Nature caressing a globe

    We've all gotta play by Google's rules... there's no shortcuts.

    Link backs: are they as important as they once were? We all know that links backs to your website (from other websites) count as bonus points in Google's (and other search engine's) algorithms, because links from other websites show that your site has information worth sharing. That is, of course, assuming the back links to your website come from other trusted, relevant websites. In 2012 and 201...

  • photo of Mike Myers from Wayne's World eating Doritos

    What is "Native Advertising?" And why you know so much about it!

    If someone stopped you on the street and offered to give you $100 if you explained what "native advertising" was, you might be at a loss... until you realize you've seen it for over a decade. The reasons you might not be able to explain it, is because native advertising's goal, in its most subversive, is to blend into its surroundings well enough that you might not realize it's advertising. In W...