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  • photo of brain, showing half as creative, half as an analyticsal brain

    What's a website's marketing perspective?

    As you would imagine, there's hundreds of things that determine how well your website is built. Just like there's hundreds of things that determine how well a construction project is done, or how well a home is built. But the one we're focusing on today is the a's marketing perspective. What's a marketing-perspective? Well, if your website talks about how awesome your are, and not about what you...

  • illustration showing how to get the attention of a large group of people

    Getting on the radar of prospects who don't know you.

    Unless you're The Limited, Apple or Starbucks, it's safe to say that more people probably don't know your company than do know it. So if your name isn't top of mind for someone who needs what you do, how do you get on their radar? The simple answer is "internet marketing." But internet marketing is not as simple to execute as you might think. Google AdWords is the "Kleenex" of internet marketing...

  • website design Columbus Ohio folks show old parchment paper with heading "Ye Old Daily Blog"

    Throughout history, creating content has been important. Still is.

    What is an "Authorship snippet"? It's an image of the author of an article that appears in Google search results for a specific search query. And you can probably guess why it's so important. Not that people care what the author looks like (though if you look like Angelina Jolie or Bad Pitt, it probably helps). No, it is a visual element in Google's search results page that draws the viewers eye...