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  • illustration of one dog sniffing another dog's butt, showing engagement

    It's critical you engage your audience with your website.

    We've just completed this infographic outlining why your website might not be ranking as high as you'd like on Google or other search engines. It covers the highlights of search engine optimization, which is what happens on your website (opposed to search engine marketing, which is what happens off your website, in an effort to get people to find your site). If that's a bit confusing, check out t...

  • abstract image of a layered series of semi cirlces

    The layered approach to your keyword strategy

    For home builders, or plastic surgeons who know anything about SEO, just like the technology in your respective fields, you know it is an always changing field of study that you must constantly keep up on. So would it be worth, running AdWords for $1,500 a month, if it brought in two new clients you wouldn't have gotten otherwise? (That's a rhetorical question... we think we know the answer...)...

  • Old frumpy woman from eastern Europe on a laptop

    Guest Blogging for Back Links. Meet Helga. She's not our blogger.

    We try to keep up on the latest news in SEO, and we can tell you it is a full-time job. Fortunately, it's also interesting (to us at least) since there's SO much happening. One of the items on the SEO world's radar these days in "guest blogging." To clarify, guest blogging has been around for a long time, and the only reason it's on people's radar again is, because like all SEO techniques, peopl...