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  • sign inadvertanty calling children under 10 "hot"

    Truly crappy design in a variety of areas

    This is the stuff we love: design done by relatively clueless people, reviewed by clueless people, and approved by clueless people. But thanks to them, we all get a good laugh. We only hope the companies or organizations represented in these clueless signs, ads and products aren't suffering any long-term harm in anyway. As a Columbus Ohio web design firm, we don't get the opportunity to create pa...

  • Columbus Ohio web design firm s sows goldfish reading sign

    Our attention span is now similar to that of a goldfish

    The average attention span of a web user is 8 seconds. A goldfish's attention span is 9 seconds. We're not making this up: you can read about it here. Since the average visit to a website is about 20 seconds, we're always reading how to to keep people interested in what you (or we) have to say on our websites. And that 20 seconds can be a lot less if you don't have something interesting to say...

  • Columbus web design firm shares how to reach a prospect with a pesonalized Google AdWord effort

    Have a big prospect? How to get their attention.

    Run a Google AdWord for a target audience of one. This is a great idea, though unfortunately, we can't take credit for it. The 1-minute video below shows how this Google-savvy "kid" in New York City, came up with an awesome idea to get a new job for himself. But the same approach could work for you, looking to connect with a new prospect. This kid's theory was based on the fact that successful...