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  • readiing an e-newsletter on a phone

    4 things to know before starting an e-newsletter.

    One of a 2-part series about starting an e-newsletter: Sending regular e-newsletters to your customers and prospects is a great way to: Stay top of mind with your audience, Share products or services they might not know you offer, and Show you're an expert in your industry. An example of talking about new products you offer. Once we started offering low-cost, template-based websites, we share...

  • illustration of boy playing with dog named Google

    How your website can play well with Google in 2020

    It’s Google's world, we’re just living in it. If you’re in sales, you already know you need to be your own best promoter. Which means you need to be a marketer, and being a marketer, means knowing how people find you, and people are looking for what you do on Google. At least the people who DON'T know you, or your company, are searching that way. And there are definitely more people that don't kn...

  • illustration of an instagram hashtag with people standing around it

    How Instagram hashtags help you get the most from your Instagram marketing

    There are lots of things that go into great Instagram marketing: beautiful visuals, engaging captions, frequent posting, and more. But your Instagram hashtags are one of the most important aspects. Follow the tips below and create a stellar hashtag strategy that enhances your Instagram marketing well into 2020. On Instagram, hashtags are essential. They are what tie everything together on the vis...