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  • bounce rate for website represented by bouncing balls

    What to do about a 100% bounce rate from a website

    The bounce rate for your website reflects how quickly someone comes to your website, then leaves on the same page without clicking anything. You might not think it's something to deal with, but you'd be wrong. The reason you'd want to do something about it, is because bounce rates are most likely one of the hundreds of ranking factors for Google. What's the first thing to do to reduce a bounce r...

  • caterpillar turning into butterfly representing web design project

    What to Know Before Starting a Web Design Project

    Before starting a web design project, it's important to put in the time and effort to assure your project goes smoothly. As you can imagine, when it comes to building a website – particularly from scratch – there are lots of things that go into its design and development. In addition to the design, there's content, the back end code, the admin side, and the functionality. There are lots of pieces...

  • video marketing strategy showing video camerz

    6 Tips for Making The Most Out Of Your Video Marketing Strategy

    Video marketing is the main marketing today, so establishing a video marketing strategy is important. It you aren't making videos, your marketing efforts may be left behind compated to what your competitors might be doing. Both large and small brands are using videos as their main form of marketing. Reports show that video retailers grow revenue 49% faster than non-visual users. High demand for v...