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  • the brand marketing process using chess pieces

    The Art of Brand Marketing

    If you are seeking to grow your business to be a larger entity, you'll need to have more than just a great idea. You need to reach out beyond your loyal, regular customers. While a great product is good, it is useless if people don't know about it, hence the reason for brand marketing. Marketing is continually changing. Initially, it was all about an ad in the newspaper, a TV or a radio commercia...

  • A happy woman talking on the phone

    Connecting companies with employees who connect with their customers

    It's an experience we've all had: calling a company for assistance with an invoice, delivery, technical or other issue, and you're connected with someone whose English is difficult to understand. We understand there are call centers across the globe, but when the person who's helping you has less than perfect English skills, it cam make the experience a little bit worse. Or if they're English skil...

  • woman on laprop working on blog and naming links

    Naming links is more important than you think

    There are lots of elements that make up good SEO, and while some of them might seem minor, they're not. The SEO-tip for today, is naming links, which are either: The outbound links that take your visitors to other websites, or The internal links that take people to other pages within your website. We've all seen links on websites that say "To learn more, click here." When we see that, we know t...