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  • women writing her company's e-newsletters

    What goes into starting e-newsletters

    Our number 1 rule of e-newsletters is: if your first e-newsletter isn't good, no one will open your second e-newsletter. If your first e-newsletter doesn't have valuable information and is enticing to read, the folks you most want to reach won't look forward to your next e-newsletter. And if that happens, all the time and expense you invested in your e-newsletters would be for nothing. It's criti...

  • person speaking with surprised shadow behind them

    How Plagiarism-free Content can Impact Website Ranking

    Being a content writer for your company's website, you need to be sensitive about using plagiarism-free content in your posts. That's because Google and other search engines dislike copied or duplicated content. For SEO, Google prefers websites that bring unique and innovative ideas to their content with every blog post and on every page. As we all know, content – especially original content – is...

  • ADA-complaint website button

    Why it's important to have an ADA-compliant website

    In 2022, having an ADA-compliant website is more important than ever. It shows your sensitivity to those differently-abled individuals, and of course, it's just the right thing to do. This website is an ADA-compliant website, and you can tell from the blue circle with the icon of a person in it in the lower left corner. If you click that icon, you'll see how having an ADA-compliant site works: a...