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  • video of Matt Cutts from Google explaining their algorithms

    Best video we've seen about how Google works

    Google is tremendously complex, so finding an explanation of it that makes it simple is worth watching. When it's explained by the web master himself, Matt Cutts, the face of Google for us in the SEO world, it's easy to see how he makes it simple. As a Columbus Ohio website design firm, we work with SEO every week, even for those clients in other states. And the level of complexity in Google's a...

  • Google seaerch for "Thai food nearby" from Columbus Ohio website design firm

    Searches using the word "nearby" shows Google's algorithms

    Have you ever looked for someplace by searching with the word "nearby"? For example, searching for "Thai restaurants nearby." Well, that type of search is becoming a whole lot more popular, which tells us two things: people think it just takes too many seconds to type in street intersections, and just how smart Google's algorithms are: they know where you're searching from. This has relevance...

  • Columbus Ohio web design firm's version of kooky chemistry

    Everything you need to know about Google's AdWords

    We know any headline that starts with "Everything you need to know..." seems highly unlikely, but in this case, since it is coming directly from Google, it's the truth. We saw this video about the intricacies of Google's AdWords, and we think you'll be surprised by two things: that the highest bid doesn't necessarily mean you get the first spot, and as boring as the guy from Google is who explai...