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  • Columbus Ohio website design firm's interpretation of social media: a school of fish

    Reasons why social media works, and can work for you!

    As a Columbus Ohio website design firm, we also keep up on social media and the changes it's going through because we've been offering it for our clients. Why social media works This is, of course, assuming you're doing it well. And the way to do it wrong is to talk about yourself too much, or making your conversations too sales focused. Like any marketing effort, if you start out doing a poor...

  • humorous photo of woman searching with magnifying glass

    A brief overview of how keywords work

    One might say there is a bit of an art and science to selecting the right keywords for a website. From this Columbus website design firm's perspective, these are the things we look for: you want once that are searched a lot, but also ones with “low” competition, it’s better to have a search term with a lower number of searches if there’s also less competition, you want ones that are easily incorp...

  • Columbus Ohio website design firm's abstract graphic showing a trend

    There's trends in everything, even web design

    You have trends in your business, right? Doesn't matter whether you're a home builder or plastic surgeon, there's always new technology or looks that become more popular. Not surprisingly, it's the same with web design. Of course, just like you your business, you'll rarely get everyone to agree on the same trends, or what things are on the way out. They're like Top Ten lists: everyone would come...