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  • family and dog relaxing at home

    Interesting facts about how people buy homes

    We've recently launched a website for American Heritage Homes, a Central Ohio custom home builder. And during the course of researching the industry, we've learned some things. Not that we don't know a lot already about the process of home buying, but there's always new research being done, so you can never be too complacent when it comes to knowing all you need to know about a subject. Here are...

  • photo of homeless man in Chicago with new attractive sign asking for help

    This week in really unusual type design: three unique stories.

    We've come across three extremely different studies about type this week and wanted to post them for your perusal. Starting with The Urban Type Experience, and Art Director in Chicago became exposed to the abundance of less-fortunate folks spending their days on the streets asking for help. Because most people tend to avoid interaction with these homeless folks, this designer wanted to test his t...

  • women looking at bad website sticking out her tounge

    Is your website actually losing you business?

    As a Columbus Ohio website design firm, we wrote a blog called "My website isn't how I get business"  and we expounded on why that might be and what could be done to change it. This post is about how your website could actually be losing you business, and if you don't think that is a real possibility, read on. We make judgments. It's what humans do. Research shows people judge websites in as li...