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  • Spokespeople for on-page SEO tutorial

    A Brief Overview of On-page SEO

    Note: This on-page SEO video tutorial is shown using Drupal's Content Management System (CMS). While the elements are the same for WordPress' CMS, we opted to use Drupal's CMS for this tutorial because it's easier to show the process. The same on-page SEO steps apply to WordPress, it's just not as linear as Drupal's CMS. Watch the on-page SEO video tutorial on YouTube here, or by clicking the scr...

  • Woman on mobile phone seeing facebook marketing

    Marketing on Facebook: Pros and Cons

    Marketing on Facebook: Pros and Cons is a guest blog by Eilla Watson. In 2022 Facebook is within range of reaching 2 billion daily users. That's huge considering how much potential the platform has for businesses and marketers alike. While it's certainly a great place to promote your business, it's not for everyone. But it's definitely worth taking a look at the pros and cons of the platform befo...

  • man spelling out SEO tips in blicks

    Seven SEO tips for 2022

    Our SEO tips for the new year relate to Google's new "Page Experience" algorithm that takes effect for desktop versions of websites in February 2022.  This algorithm launch is based on the page experience metrics Google introduced for the mobile versions of websites in August of 2021. On your Search Console (in Google Analytics) Google assesses each of the relevant signals and gives your website...