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  • Columbus marketing firm shows close up of old fashioned typewriter key with the word "Publish" on it

    We're occasionally asked "how long should a blog post be?"

    How long should your blog posts be? We've been writing (and reading) blogs regularly for 8 years now, and we're often asked how in-depth should a blog be? But as with most things, there's no one simple answer. It depends on the forum, the audience and the subject matter. There's been a lot of discussion in the SEO-world lately about whether a 500-word blog is better than a 1,000-word blog. Or a...

  • hwo to stand apart from your competitors by website design Columbus Ohio firm, S+S

    How much does your web-developer know about SEO?

    How do you know if the web developer you're about to hire knows anything about SEO? Find out what keywords they're using to be found on Google, then Google that phrase, and see if they come up on page 1 or 2. Above, in the red box, is the "Page Title" for a website's home page. These are the most important search terms the web designer (or any company) wants to be found for in a Google search....

  • Website design Columbus Ohio firm shows illustration of a dog on a laptop

    Five tips to make make people really want to read your blogs.

    If you’re wondering what to blog about, here’s some tips. When we tell people we blog every week, and have been for over 6 years, they sometimes ask how we come up with all the topics to write about. This article helps you determine how to select content for your blogs. Here's how to figure out what to write about: Subscribe to blogs of folks who know more than you. If you're like us, you alre...