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  • Real kid playing on a foosball table: a Columbus Ohio web design firm's interpetation of a level playing field

    Each Google algorithm update helps level the playing field.

    The internet is almost like a living, breathing organism: it is constantly in a state of evolution, and Google has to keep up with it, and constantly fight against the internet marketers and web masters who try to manipulate or take advantage of Google’s algorithms to rank on page 1. Of course, it’s not always the big corporation against the little guy (though the whole Net Neutrality issue is ab...

  • A web design Columbus Ohio company shows a mysterious looking lock that shows Google has secrets

    Why Google keeps their algorithms secret from everyone

    As amazing as Google's technological feats are, we have a theory as to why they keep them secret and never let anyone know what they are. Sure, Google keeps their algorithms a closely guarded secret citing proprietary code, but recently, it occurred to us there might be another reason why Google keeps all those algorithms close to their vest. Maybe it's they don't want people to know how bad they...

  • Columbus web design firm interpretation of showing you're better than your competitors

    Things to consider when comparing web design firms

    If you're better than your competitors, shouldn't your website be better than theirs? If you think so, it's critical to get the right web design firm. And unless you know the right questions to ask, you may be getting locked into the wrong web design company. When looking at any web design company's bottom line numbers, please keep in mind: just like with any specialist (consider your industry a...