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  • Columbus website design firm's interpretation of a Google bot

    What percentage of visits to your site are not people?

    Bounce rates, bots and bad websites There’s two things we’ve been looking into lately regarding Google Analytics: What is the average bounce rate for a website? (the time between someone comes to your website and leaves it) What percentage of visits to your site are bots? (bots can come and go artificially reflecting a high bounce rate) The reason these questions are important, is because the mo...

  • Columbus web design firm shows the content creator jobs on Monster.com

    The role of "Content Creator" in your company.

    We've all seen articles in Entrepreneur and Forbes titled "Ten jobs that weren't around five (or ten) years ago." Forbes just published another one recently listing these job descriptions: App Developer Millennial Generational Expert Social Media Manager, and one of our favorites: Chief Listening Officer, which evidently is a step up from the “social media manager.” It's someone who monitors soc...

  • Columbus Ohio web design firm shows example of a good stock photo of women meeting

    How important are images in your blogs? Very.

    To summarize the findings in a study done by Jeff Bullas about the importance of good images in your blogs, social media posts and on your website they're critical. We live in an age of visual sophistication and a visual culture. Since everyone who has a smart phone is snapping images and uploading them, we're inundated with images. But not necessarily GOOD images. And the good ones stand out. I...