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  • illustration of an instagram hashtag with people standing around it

    How Instagram hashtags help you get the most from your Instagram marketing

    There are lots of things that go into great Instagram marketing: beautiful visuals, engaging captions, frequent posting, and more. But your Instagram hashtags are one of the most important aspects. Follow the tips below and create a stellar hashtag strategy that enhances your Instagram marketing well into 2020. On Instagram, hashtags are essential. They are what tie everything together on the vis...

  • people spying to see a competitor's keywords

    How to find your competitor's keywords

    There are several ways to find your competitor's keywords, but we're showing the two that are quick, and don't cost anything. There are other ways to find your competitor's keywords using online tools, but our goal is to show you how to do it without having to spend any money. Just time. We should also mention, to search for keywords for your website, as well as see your competitor's keywords, t...

  • dragon wrapping around the words long tail keywords

    How long tail keywords, and voice search, are connected.

    You know how important keywords are for your website. However, you might not know how important "long tail keywords" are, and how they relate to search, and even more importantly, "voice search." Any web developer who knows about SEO, knows this is an important distinction, since half of all searches are done on a mobile device. Examples of keywords vs. long tail keywords vs. voice search. Exam...