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  • SEO & Web Design interacting

    How SEO & web design work together

    Most folks don't realize that SEO & web design should go together like, well, let's say mac and cheese. You can invest a lot of money into a website, but if you don't also invest in SEO, your audience might not find your site so easily. When it comes time to design (or redesign) your company's website, choose a web design company that also understands SEO.  Good web design IS good SEO As yo...

  • Dog wearing food rescue columbus t-shirt

    What we're doing with Food Rescue US/Columbus

    Say hello to Paxil, the home (and office) dog, shown here sporting a Food Rescue Columbus t-shirt during one of the weekly events. Every week, for 2-3 days  a week, we've been volunteering for an organization called Food Rescue Columbus. Since the summer of 2019, we've been helping them take food that would ordinarily be thrown away, find its way to food pantries and community centers throughout...

  • unsubscribe graphic scissors cutting word in half

    Did your client really unsubscribe from your e-newsletter? Or was it algorithms?

    What happens when you see a important client unsubscribe from your e-newsletter? You think: that's not right. You're sure they wouldn't do that, but looking at your reports it sure seems like they just did. Well, maybe they really didn't. We all think our email newsletters or e-blasts are awesome and have valuable information our clients and prospects would benefit from. And when a regular custom...