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  • stadium filled with people, showing difficulty find one person in a huge crowd

    We're often asked "How long till we show up on Google?"

    It's a good question, with no specific answer, other than: "It Depends." Where are you with your current website’s SEO? Do you have the right keywords on your site now? Do you update your site often? Some home builders haven’t done anything on their current website when it comes to SEO and they’re starting from way behind the industry and their competitors. If you have a huge amount of catchup t...

  • photo of brain, showing half as creative, half as an analyticsal brain

    Why web designers, not IT folks, should be doing your website.

    In the past, we've talked about the different types of companies that can design your website, but the two basic ones, are IT firms and web design firms. (We're leaving out your neighbor's nephew for now.) Since there are options to who can design your company's website, the questions becomes: which is the better choice to design your website? IT firms and web design firms Naturally, any IT com...

  • illustration showing how to get the attention of a large group of people

    Getting on the radar of prospects who don't know you.

    Unless you're The Limited, Apple or Starbucks, it's safe to say that more people probably don't know your company than do know it. So if your name isn't top of mind for someone who needs what you do, how do you get on their radar? The simple answer is "internet marketing." But internet marketing is not as simple to execute as you might think. Google AdWords is the "Kleenex" of internet marketing...