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  • Agency of the Year Badge Silver 2021 icon

    Sevell + Sevell selected as an Agency of the Year 2021

    In January, we've received notice we'd been selected as a Silver level website design company by Ad World Masters. The rankings are between 0 and 10. You can see Ad World Masters' agency rankings here and scroll down to the "9"rankings to see us in the list. The rankings have nothing to do with a pay-to-play scheme, and we've not ever purchased a listing, or done any advertising, with Ad World...

  • woman checking web stats at her laptop

    How to read your website's stats: Part 2

    In our first part of how to read your website's stats in Google Analytics, we covered the number of sessions, duration of sessions and bounce rate on your website. In Part 2 we'll cover: The number of pages per session, and The average number of pages per session is two. Of course, we all think the content on our websites is awesome and folks should spend their valuable time perusing it. But in...

  • photo showing web stats for website

    How to read your website's stats: Part 1

    Most marketing folks don't check Google Analytics very often to gauge how well their website is performing. Nor do they check how well that performance compares to previous months, quarters or year. Even if they do check Google Analytics, they might not come away with the right interpretation. It depends how well of an understanding they have of Google Analytics. If you want to present your peers...