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  • Woman receiving non-profit marketing mail

    Is it beneficial for charities to harass their donors?

    There's a podcast we listen to called "No Stupid Questions." This blog is about one of their podcasts we found interesting about non-profit marketing, so we're summarizing it here. It asks (and answers) the question "Is It Worth It for Charities to Harass Their Donors?" As we've all experienced, some charities send us lots of emails, and stuff in the mail we didn't ask for. Things like return add...

  • graphic for 7 tips for lead generation

    7 quick tips about lead generation

    This article on lead generation is written by guest blogger Ana Hoffman. Lead generation is critical for every business. It's the process of attracting prospects to your business and ideally, converting them into clients. This is something that shouldn't be done randomly: a strategic approach to head in the right direction is always helpful. Your sales team, knowing what entices your customers m...

  • abstract product with shadow showing dollar sign

    Remember: What you make is not what you sell

    When it comes to marketing your product or service, remember: what you make is different than what you sell. As with all good marketing, you're not selling yourself, or even your product or service, but you're selling how things benefits your audience, or how it makes them feel. That's because people make decisions emotionally first, then justify their decision with logic. If that weren't the cas...